Scripture and Gay Marriage

Today, after a great deal of pressure, President Obama announced that he supports gay marriage.  This was not a surprise.  It has long been thought that he was a supporter of gay marriage but did not believe announcing it was worth the political fall out.  But Vice President Biden made that silence harder to hold when he publicly supported gay marriage in an interview.

I was not surprised by Obama’s announcement but I was terribly saddened by his rationale for it.  It is reported by news agencies that he cited his and his wife’s faith as the main reason for supporting gay marriage.  In his interview with ABC News he cited the Golden Rule as the main issue – treat others and you would want to be treated.

I believe President Obama is a “Christian” in that he has been a member of a Christian denomination for many years.  I cannot read his heart and it is not my job to do so.  And I do not put up with the nonsense that he is really a Muslim.  What grieves me so much is that though he has accurately reflected his own personal faith he has greatly misrepresented the Christian faith based on the Word of God.

The Bible’s teaching on marriage is so abundantly clear.  The Bible does not know of any concept of marriage apart from a man and a woman.  Scripture does not use the idea or terminology of marriage for relationships between two men or two women.  I have no doubt that those involved in gay relationships truly love one another but their feelings for each other do not determine how the church ought to look at them.  I wish that those who reject the teaching of Scripture would just admit that they do instead of twisting the teaching of Scripture to say something God never said.

The drive for gay marriage will not be ending soon.  It is imperative that we who are believers in the teaching of Scripture hold fast to what the Bible says and not compromise on this issue.  This is not being homophobic.  This is not being unloving.  This is functioning as salt and light in a world that desperately needs it (Matt. 5:13-16).


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2 thoughts on “Scripture and Gay Marriage

  1. I would disagree with the President’s choice of church he attended, which makes me wonder about his true doctrinal beliefs.

    Homosexual “marriage” will degrade the definition to nearly anything goes, because disputing any new arrangement will constitute some form of “bigotry”.

    Thanks Jeff.