Living in a Post-Christian America

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Courtesy of Flickr

Over the last couple of months those committed to a biblical worldview have been greatly distressed. First, there was the Supreme Court decision making same sex marriage legal in all states. Then, more recently, were several videotapes of representatives of Planned Parenthood discussing the harvesting and sale of fetal organs. Both of these events raised questions of where our country is headed and how Christians ought to respond. Below are some biblical points to help us as we seek to live faithfully in a post-Christian culture.

We should not be surprised when unbelievers act like unbelievers. According to the Scriptures, unbelievers are living in rebellion against God and His Word. They have rejected the Lord and His

Word as their standard. Romans 1 teaches us that God’s response to this has been to give unbelievers over to the consequences of their rebellion. Therefore, we should not be shocked and surprised when unbelievers think and act like unbelievers. We should be pleasantly surprised and thankful that unbelievers do not more consistently live out their rebellion.

We are called to be sojourners in our world. 1 Peter 2:11 remind us that our status in this world is that of “sojourners and exiles.” The nature of a sojourner or alien is that we are living apart from our home temporarily and look forward to returning home. This world, or culture, is set against God. We cannot be at home here. Our values, goals, speech, way of life is different as members of the Kingdom of God. As long as we are biblical in our worldview and its application, we will be at odds in this world.

It is likely that hostility against biblical Christianity will grow. Because we are not of this world, the world will hate us (John 15:9). The world’s hatred has been checked for many hundreds of years in America as a result of living in a Christianized society. But, as we have seen recently, as American culture has become increasingly secularized, hatred towards Christians has become more apparent. If we follow the direction of Europe it will, in a matter of years, be hate speech to disagree with same sex marriage. Teaching that Jesus alone is the way to the Father will also be deemed hate speech. A world that has rejected the Lord will not stand to be reminded of the truth by His people.

This will open new opportunities to preach the gospel. We do not lose hope as God’s people as we look at the situation around us. We believe that God is sovereign even in these areas. We are now living in a culture and world that is more like that which the first century church faced than any time in American history. Recognizing that, we should have great hope in the power of the gospel. Just as God used a small group of Spirit empowered people to transform the world in the first century, so he can work the same today. As our world moves towards more consistent secular living, the horrors and consequences of such a life will become more apparent. This will open new doors of opportunity for us individually and as congregations.

So, how does a biblical Christian and church respond in our day?

  1. Remind ourselves that living as aliens and exiles has always been the calling of God’s people. What we are experiencing is nothing new.
  2. Love the unbelievers God brings into our lives and do not be shocked when they think and act like unbelievers.
  3. Be prepared to respond with compassion and the gospel to unbelievers you know who experience the consequences of living without God.
  4. Entrust ourselves to our sovereign Lord content to know that whatever the future holds He will be glorified and His church will be victorious.

There are things to be discouraged about in our time and culture. But because we serve a God who saves there is much reason for encouragement and hope.

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