Have You Told Your Story?

IMG_0349Recently I had the opportunity to visit my Aunt Anne in Minneapolis. I knew that this would be my last visit with her. She was dying and was in hospice. Thankfully she was very alert and we had four wonderful days together that I will never forget.

Psalm 78 is a story in the form of a song that covers redemptive history up to the time of David. Asaph wrote the psalm in order to convey to future generations the great work the Lord had done for his people. History was not written down then as much as it was passed on orally from generation to generation. Around fires and tables families told stories so that new generations would know.

Two of the days I was in Minnesota I sat with my aunt and peppered her with questions about my extended family. She is the last of her generation and I had a sense that much would be lost if I did not take the initiative. She was very happy to answer my questions and I learned a great deal.

Learning about our family and our history is important. We always live in a context that impacts us –whether we know it at the time or not. As I listened to Aunt Anne some of the pieces of my life puzzle were put into place. Not all the pieces were positive; some I may wish I did not know. But even those showed the abundance of God’s grace to make me the man I am today.

I want to encourage you to be sure to share your family’s story with your children and grandchildren so that the coming generations will know the story of their family. It’s important we pass that information on. But even more important, be sure they know of your conversion and the work of God’s grace in your life. Redemptive history has not stopped and the God of the covenant continues to do his gracious and faithful work. Be sure the generations to come know of His great work in your life.

Have you shared your story with your children and grandchildren?


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2 thoughts on “Have You Told Your Story?

  1. Jeff,

    It’s encouraging to hear the time spent with your family was redeemed by learning and understanding more about its story. I can sympathize with your sentiments, when I learn about my family history, it can be interesting yet sometimes discouraging.

    I don’t have any Christian family or relatives, so I daily deal with conflicting values and beliefs. Even so, the promises of Christ vastly outweigh all the struggles and pain I have to wrestle with. It reminds me of one hymn I love, from Charles Wesley’s, “And Can it Be That I Should Gain?”:

    “Long my imprisoned spirit lay,
    Fast bound in sin and nature’s night;
    Thine eye diffused a quickening ray—
    I woke, the dungeon flamed with light;
    My chains fell off, my heart was free,
    I rose, went forth, and followed Thee.”

    I dearly treasure that verse because it’s so meaningful, so sublime! The Lord saved me from my shackles of sin and brought me into the light of life! I hope the Lord blesses me with a family one day, and I’ll be able to share the redemptive work the Lord has worked in my life. Praise God, “is anything too hard for the Lord?” I think not! 🙂

    • I am so thankful that Scripture uses language of “family” to describe the people of God. In Christ we gain a new family of fathers and mothers in the faith as well as brothers and sisters. Christians are never alone when they are part of a church family.